History of 'Mavis' of Bushey

Being able to knit is a great source of productive relaxation for many, and a talent to be envied by those who cannot. For more than 79 years one shop in Bushey High Street has been a constant source of top quality supply for all those interested in craftwork, and a centre of encouragement and advise for those intent upon learning the skill. Known by the founder's first name, 'Mavis', the shop still aims to provide every need for knitting pleasure to customers old and new.

The shop was originally established in November 1935 by Mavis Conquest, and described as a wool and art needlework shop. Now run by Mavis's son Michael, and his wife Pam, the shop is a constant delight not only for knitters who can choose from a wide range of brands, but also for those interested in embroidery, tapestry and crochet.

'MAVIS' has now moved into the 21st Century with this online presence. We provide a mail order service to complement our more traditional services.

Below are a couple of historical pictures.  The first shows Bushey High Street and the second shows Mavis Conquest standing outside her wool shop.

The Bushey museum can now be visited online at http://www.busheymuseum.org/

Spotlight on Bushey (first published by the Free Watford Observer)

50th Anniversary newspaper article (large images)


 This is a picture of Bushey Village - taken around 1890 This is a picture of Bushey Village - taken around 1890


This picture shows Mavis - the founder of 'MAVIS' wool shop This picture shows Mavis - the founder of 'MAVIS' wool shop