• Myboshi yarn

Discovered by a stroke of fate in the far Japan. More sophisticated and perfected. Brought over the sea to the occident and distributed amongst people: the hand crocheted beanies from myboshi.

myboshi is passion. A passion for unique beanies. Because there is only one Boshi. Felix Rohland and Thomas Jaenisch are the heralds of this truth. They adamantly believe in the good of the Boshi. They never leave home without wearing a Boshi. And they have never been disappointed by it.>

Crocheted beanies using Myboshi wool are soft and warm. Even worn for a long time, they won’t itch or cause irritation. They are also very resistant and have been tested in extreme sports. 

With a wide colour choice, there is no limit to what you could create. The Boshis keep the dirt away, and are easy to wash and dry. They are washed at a 30° temperature

However you will enjoy wearing it for longer if its hand washed rather than machine washed!

1 beanie = 3 wools

70% Acrylic
30% Merino Wool

care & washing

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Myboshi yarn

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